Monday, October 1, 2007

Adjusting Well...

Elysa & Avery are doing well! They are adjusting nicely to life as siblings :)
These past six weeks since we've been back have been an amazing time of adjustment for all of us...trying at times...but over all a very positive experience. Avery keeps everyone laughing!
His English is coming along...We continue to be amazed at the amount of English that he seems to understand. Even though he is not able to completely verbalize everything, it's obvious that he is understanding what we tell him. He repeats everything we say & is trying hard to make the connection between his Ukrainian vocabulary & English. We joke that he speaks "Ukrainish" because his sentances are filled with a mix of Ukrainian & English words. But no matter what language comes out he always seems to be able to get his point across one way or another!
We can see a major difference in his behavior & personality now that he is settling in & gaining a sense of security & belonging in his new surroundings & our family. He's much calmer & more relaxed then when we first arrived home.
But calming down didn't come without some major tramas to his little world like Elysa's first day back at school....He watched her get on the bus & as the bus pulled away he went hysterical. I'm sure he thought she was being taken away & was afraid she wouldn't be coming back. However, watching her return from school & get back off the bus that afternoon was a huge help for him. He was able to make the connection & understand that she goes to school & comes back watching the bus is a great highlight! He looks forward to meeting Elysa at the bus stop & waving to all the kids & Ms. Bonnie (the bus driver)!